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AFI Stage 1 GT Kit - GT28RS Turbo

The AFI Stage 1 GT Kit is great for street use. The GT28RS turbo is the perfect choice if you want to create a decent amount of power for the street. 300 horsepower at the wheels is easily achieved with a B18C5 engine even with air conditioning, power steering, catalytic convertor, and a 2 1/4" USDM exhaust.

I chose this kit because I wanted good gas mileage, and wanted a reliable setup. I also did not want an insane amount of horsepower.

Here are the parts that went into the turbo build:

AFI Stage 1 GT Kit A/C & P/S Compatible .82 A/R
Koyo 92-00 Civic, Half-Core Radiator
Flex-A-Lite 12" Slim Line Fan
RC Engineering 750cc Saturated Injectors
OBD-1 Injector Clips
OBD2.B to OBD1 Conversion Harness
Hondata S300, P28, Boost Hardware, Socketed
AEM 30-2400 Boost Control Solenoid
Golden Eagle MFG Oil Sandwich Plate
Omni-Power USA 4-BAR MAP Sensor
Autometer 20011, Cluster Bezel
92-00 Civic/94-01 Integra Walbro 255lph HP Fuel Pump
AEM 30-4407 Oil Pressure Gauge
AEM 30-4406, Boost Display
Speed Theory GT Series Waterline and Oil Line Fitting Kit
DEI Heatshield Wrap

Roots Factory Tuning by Hanna

Note that these parts weren't just slapped on to a stock motor.  Before the turbo was installed, I had he engine rebuilt and prepped with quality parts.  In other words, almost every moving part and seal was replaced.  I did not want any leaks and any problems down the line.

Turbo Care

Now having an AFI Stage 1 GT Kit does not come without a price. And that price is increased maintenance.

1. You'll need to routinely check nuts and bolts to make sure that they have not backed themselves out.  This is especially important during the first week of installation. 

2. Every 2000 you should change the oil and spark plugs.  The oil filter can be changed every other oil change.  The spark plugs is a good precaution, becuase spark plugs are cheap.

3. Top off the coolant overflow tank.  The cooling system has to deal with more heat and it tends to burn off faster than a natural aspirated motor.

4. Never let the gas tank go lower than 1/4 full. The fuel pump is cooled by the fuel that is in the tank. If you want the fuel pump to last long, you'll want to keep the fuel tank at least 1/4 full.

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