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Honda Access Pedals

Aftermarket Modifications - Honda Access pedals

Honda Access Pedals

One of the first aftermarket modifications I did to the Acura Integra Type R was to add Honda Access Pedals.  They are stylish, but not as functional as other driving pedals. 

With other driving pedals, the gas pedal body is extended towards the brake pedal so that you can more easily toe-heel (or is it heel-toe ?).  

This isn't really too much of a problem with the stock pedal placement. They are close enough that you can heel-toe easily as long as you don't have tiny feet.

The Honda Access Pedals came straight from Japan. You will have to remove the stock rubber covers and replace them with these medal pedal covers. They are gold colored and need to be screwed into the pedals.

The best way to attach these are with a punch and drill.  You'll take the paper template and make a divet where each screw will go into. That way your drill won't slip around when you drill into the pedal. 

For the clutch, brake and gas pedals, you may want to put a block of wood underneath so that the pedals will not move when you try to use the punch.   

The look and fit of the pedals are fantastic! Just make sure you wear the proper shoes. Be care if your shoes are wet because your foot may slip off of the pedals.  The pedals are made of metal, so they can take a beating.  They wear well over time and after about 160,000 miles they still haven't lost much of their original color.  

RS Door Handles

RS Door Handles

RS Door Handles

Yes, these are aftermarket modifications with OEM parts. These handles are from the lower model of the integra which does not have the power lock switch.  The power lock switches are generally used by thieves to open the car door from the outside. 

Deleting the power door locks is a simple theft deterrent.  It also has an added bonus by cleaning up the interior. 

Of course, you will no longer be able to open the doors, but you'll still be able to lock all the passenger door by locking your driver door. 

I'm not sure if this is true with all Integras, but I have to turn off the car to be able to unlock the trunk.  Since I no longer have access to the power door lock switch, I can can't hit the unlock button to unlock the trunk.

A car alarm hooked into the power door locks will solve this problem. The car alarm remote can be used to work the door locks. It can also be programmed to automatically unlocks all the door locks when the ignition is switched off which also unlocks the trunk.

There are quite a few other aftermarket modifications you can do with the interior, but I've decided to forgo the mods because I don't feel like I really need them.  Some other modifications you can do are:

Gut the interior

Install a new steering wheel

Add aftermarket gauges to monitor vitals like oil pressure, boost pressure, O2 Wideband readings, tachometer.  Incidentally, the stock tachometer is very inaccurate.  If you own a Type R you know what I'm talking about.  The stock ECU cuts off the fuel at 8400 rpms, but your tachometer could actually read 9100 RPMS before this actually happens.  There are many more gauges

Change your driver and passenger seats

Add a roll bar and/or roll cage

Well, you get the idea..  BUT the most important modification you can do with the interior is to improve the driver.  Without a good driver, this great car will just go to waste.


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