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Welcome to the Acura Integra Type R website!

In the hands of a skilled driver, the Acura Integra Type R is an extraordinary competitive car.

Right out of the factory, this car is ready for the track. 

However, with light modifications, this car can perform even better.   With a lowered suspension, sway bars and the right kind of tires, you can shave seconds off your time.

How I came to own an ITR

I was fresh out of college with a full time low-paying computer job.  Most of all the bills I had were still covered by my parents and I was able to save up a sizable chunk of change. 

Instead of doing the responsible thing, such as paying off my student loans, I decided that I wanted a car. I wanted to buy new because I've never owned a brand spanking new car before.   And then the search began..

I wanted a sports car that was fuel efficient, fun to drive, had enough hp to get out of its own way, and a car that not many people would have. It turns out that in 1997, I saw a commercial for the Integra Type R.  As soon I saw it, I knew it was the car I wanted. I didn't even need to test drive it.

On to the dealer..  I was ready to buy in cash, but when push came to shove, I couldn't afford the insurance on the car.  With my insurance points, it would cost an insane amount of $8000 for a year of full coverage insurance.   Reluctantly, I went home and waited .. and waited..  only to find out that in 1999 they didn't sell the Type R anymore.

Near the end of 1999, I got a call from the Acura dealer. They are bringing back the Integra Type R for 2000 !!! That's when I plunked down a downpayment for Flamenco Black Pearl Type R.   It felt like forever, but in December 1999 I finally took delivery of my 2000 ITR #135. 

Its been over 180,000 miles later,  November 2008.  The Integra has been resurrected twice.  The first time the car died, the engine experienced a hole in a valve. The valvetrain was replaced, but soon afterwards, the compression started to go.   Mile after mile, it got worse.  It was after 30,000 miles of rough idling and eating oil that I went to get the car resurrected again. 

I really wanted to buy the new 2009 Top of the line model Acura TL-S, but with the sour economy, I'm not able to buy one. So, instead of buying a new car, I bought a new driving experience.  Goodbye natural aspirated engine --- hello forced induction! 

The car has held up pretty good over the years, despite the abuse.  The only realy problems I've had were with the rotor screw coming loose in the dizzy, bad EGR valve, main bearing shot in the transmission, and the darn stock clutch prematurely self destructing after 50,000 miles.    

One suprising fact is that even after 243,000 miles, the car still is running off of the original brake pads!

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