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The Integra Type R is one of the best handling front wheel drive vehicles in the world! It comes with virtually no options and is ready to take to the race track "as-is" from the dealer showroom.

The ITR is a limited production vehicle produced from 1997 to 2001. However, none were were imported into the United States in 1999. At most, there were only a couple thousand imported each year.

You are very fortunate if you have a chance to own one of these cars.

Integra Type R #135 Specifications

Engine Type 1.8-liter, 16-valve, DOHC, in-line 4-cylinder
Redline 8400 rpm
Fuel Cutoff 8500 rpm

Integra Type R Valve Cover

Horsepower, SAE Net 195 hp @ 8000 rpm
Torque, SAE Net 130 lbs-ft @ 7500 rpm
Bore & Stroke 3.19 in x 3.43 in (81 mm x 87.2 mm)
Displacement 1797 cc (110 cu in)
Compression Ratio 10.6:1
Induction System Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) with single port intake manifold
Valvetrain 4 valves per cylinder, dual overhead camshafts driven by a single belt with Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC)
Engine Block Aluminum alloy with cast-in iron cylinder liners
Cylinder Head Aluminum alloy
Emission Control 3-way catalytic converter
Ignition System Electronic ignition with knock sensor
Recommended Fuel Premium unleaded
Steering Type Variable power-assisted, rack-and-pinion with rotary-valve steering gear
Steering Ratio 15.7:1
Wheels 6.0 JJ x 15 cast-aluminum alloy
Tires Bridgestone Potenza RE010 195/55 R15 84V
Braking System

Dual-diagonal, power-assisted, 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS


Trasmission 5-speed manual
Final-drive ratio 4.40:1, limited slip
Gear 1 - Ratio 3.23 - Max speed 39 mph (8400 rpm)
Gear 2 - Ratio 2.10 - Max speed 60 mph (8400 rpm)
Gear 3 - Ratio 1.46 - Max speed 87 mph (8400 rpm)
Gear 4 - Ratio 1.11 - Max speed 115 mph (8400 rpm)
Gear 5 - Ratio 0.85 - Max speed 143 mph (8400 rpm) 

Fuel Economy EPA City 25 mph / Highway 31 mpg / personally observed 29-32 mpg Highway
Wheels 6.0 x 15 in.
Brakes Front:  11.1 x 0.8 in. vented disc
Rear: 10.2 x 0.3 in. disc
Capacities Oil: 5.1 qt.
Water: 7.1 qt.
Dimensions Wheelbase: 101.2 in.
Track, F/R: 58.3/58.1 in.
Length: 172.4 in.
Widgth: 66.7 in.
51.9 in.
Ground Clearance: 5.3 in.
Curb Weight: 2560 lbs.
Weight Distribution, F/R: 62.5%/37.5%

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